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          The Organic Council of Ontario

          The Voice for Organics in Ontario

          The Organic Council of Ontario

          Recent Updates

          The Impact of Organic Dairy on Reducing Synthetic Chemical Use: An Webinar Overview

          Cows often get a bad reputation for contributing to climate change. However, Organic Dairy is on a mission to change how cows interact with their surrounding environment while producing milk that is healthy and eco-friendly.

          Globe and Mail: Organic Week In the News

          As we celebrate organic food, produce and farmers across Canada, we are looking back at all we have achieved over the past year.

          Organic Week is Almost Here, Celebrate With Us!

          Organic Week, the biggest annual celebration of organic food, products and farmers in Canada, is just around the corner. To celebrate?#Organicweek, we are hosting a social media photo contest for the month of September.

          Fill Out Our Survey on the Upcoming Organic Products?Act??

          The Ontario government is currently considering the passage of the Organic Products Act (Bill 54), a piece of legislation that would regulate the use of the term organic in Ontario. This bill will greatly help organic farmers in Ontario and we want to hear your thoughts on it. We have a brief window this fall to help pass this bill. Please fill out our five minute survey to demonstrate your support and to view OCO’s proposed implementation options for the bill.

          field of wheat

          Government Pauses Consultation Process for MRL on Glyphosate

          The Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) commends the Government of Canada for  its recently announced decision to pause the process that would...

          OCO Explores Priorities in Next Agriculture Policy Framework

          Originally published in?Fruit & Vegetable Magazine?July, 2021. Federal, provincial and territorial governments are currently exploring the next agricultural policy framework...

          Potential Changes to the US – Canada Organic Equivalency

          Potential Changes to the US – Canada Organic Equivalency

          COTA‘s latest webinar highlighted the proposed changes to the US-Canada Equivalency Arrangement and is seeking your voice to influence the...

          Organic Council of Ontario to Explore the Impacts of Organic and Regenerative Farming on Climate Change

          Guelph, Ontario July 2021- In May the Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) was awarded $105,406 in funding from the Government...

          What is OCO?

          The Organic Council of Ontario is the voice for organics in Ontario. Our members are the organic farmers, processors, businesses,?and supporters who bring organics from the field to your fork.


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